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Conservatory Cleaning by LHM Windows Cleaning

Conservatory cleaning service

Our conservatory and conservatory roof cleaning service is available in Camelford, Bofmin, Bude, Launceston and surrounding areas. We aim to provide the highest standards in cleaning at affordable prices.

We can clean and rejuvenate any conservatory whatever its current condition. We combine specialist cleaning products specifically designed for safe and effective cleaning of UPVC and glass with professional conservatory cleaning equipment. The result is a spotless, gleaming conservatory restored to its former glory and one you can be proud of.

When we clean your conservatory it includes:

  • all UPVC
  • gutters
  • gutter casing
  • downpipes
  • window & door frames
  • ledges
  • glass

Conservatory roof cleaning Camelford

Conservatory roofs can, over time, become quite unsightly with green algae, mildew and other staining from dirt and pollution. However, LHM Window Cleaning can transform even the most neglected conservatory roof and remove all stains and dirt even from the intricate decorative finials that often run across the middle of the roof.

We also thoroughly clean the beams, fascias, end caps and the roof panels and whether they’re made of glass or polycarbonate the results are always stunning.

Interior Conservatory cleaning

In order to provide the most comprehensive conservatory cleaning service in Camelford, Bodmin, BudeLaunceston and Wadebridge we can also clean the inside of your conservatory including the roof . Just like the exterior clean, this means all interior frames, ledges, beams, doors and windows.

As with all our services LHM aim to be the best, providing the highest standards in professional cleaning at the most competitive prices.

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Exterior cleaning services

Other exterior services we offer include window cleaninggutter cleaning, fascias, soffits and cladding cleaning.