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Window cleaning & exterior cleaning services in Camelford, Bodmin, Bude, Launceston, North Cornwall & Wadebridge

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LHM Window Cleaning are professional domestic and commercial window cleaners based in Camelford and also operating in BodminBudeLaunceston, North Cornwall and Wadebridge.

We have invested in the most up to date window cleaning equipment to ensure fantastic results every time. Our water fed poles and pure water cleaning system guarantees clear, shiny, streak free windows with every clean.

ALL our cleaning services are fully insured

Domestic window cleaner Camelford

Our domestic window cleaning service is available for one-off cleans or as an ongoing regular service on a 4, 6 or 8 weekly basis. We clean glass, frames and sills as standard and are committed to being the best, most competitively priced window cleaners in Camelford, Bodmin, Bude and Launceston.


Commercial window cleaners Camelford & Bodmin

LHM Window Cleaning understands the importance of safety in the workplace and constantly review our working practices to be sure of a risk free environment. When we are cleaning your windows or providing any of our exterior cleaning services you can rest assured that your staff and clients, visitors or customers will not be disturbed or inconvenienced.

We provide commercial window cleaning services in Camelford and Bodmin to shops, offices, hotels, restaurants and various other business premises and deliver quality cleaning at affordable prices all year round.

Exterior Cleaning Services

We are, however, more than just window cleaners and provide a comprehensive range of services for all your exterior cleaning requirements such as cleaning gutters, fascia, soffit and cladding cleaning, conservatory cleaning and solar panel cleaning.

All our services are available in Camelford, Bodmin , Bude, Launceston, Wadebridge and surrounding areas of north Cornwall.

Please call us on 07980 058069 or email using Contact Us for a FREE no obligation quote.

How Do We Clean Your Windows

We provide window cleaning throughout North Cornwall. Our main areas of operation are bude, bodmin, camelford, Launceston & Wadebridge.

The first time we clean your property LHM Window cleaning standard procedure is to clean all uPVC windows with a water based uPCV cleaner which is bio degradable. It is applied to the windows using an applicator, scrubbed using the water fed pole brush, then rinsed off with pure water. The reason we do this is to remove lite to moderate build up of traffic film, frame oxidation and algae. We have found through experience that windows left for an extended period of time then cleaned with just pure water, do not clean to the high standard needed with out the aid of detergent.
In most cases customer have seen the results from the water based cleaner and feels no more needs to be done. However in some cases with older uPVC windows and most often uPVC doors this process might not be enough, we also offer a uPVC restoration service.

UPVC Restoration

UPVC restoration is carried out after a clean have been done with the water based uPVC cleaner. The reason for this is to remove the surface dirt and grime from the windows, to be 100% sure a restoration is needed.

Common cases where UPVC restoration is used

  1. Scuff marks those most common on uPVC doors are normally black marks along the bottom edges, where shoes have hit the door or where luggage has brushed against the frame and left black lines.
  2. Black seals around windows over the years will start to break down, the surface rain will then wash this residue down the white uPVC, this normally happens in the corners, and will leave black lines. Over time this can build up on the bottom of the window frame and the sil, which is sometimes referred to as tiger stripes.
  3. Ingrained mud this normally happens when dogs put their muddy paws on the door, if the mud is left for an extended length of time this will stain into the uPVC. This type of staining can be avoided with just a water fed pole clean on a 4 weekly basis. On longer plans we recommend to stop staining happening the home owner wipes off the mud with a damp cloth in-between cleans.
  4. Windows which have not been maintained for years. Windows normally over 10 years old with heavy build up of traffic film in the form of black spotting and have large areas of the frame and sil turning grey in colour from bleeding seals while, the rest will be a very faded white caused be the frames oxidising.
    (UPVC restoration can not remove damage such as deep scratches or heavy rust staining)
  5. Restoration process involves the use of mildly abrasive pads which will not scratch the uPVC, solvent based uPVC cleaner which is applied by hand using microfibre cloth, then rubbed in to the uPVC then buffed off by hand, which will remove all the ingrained dirt from your windows and doors, leaving them looking nice clean and white.

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